The notion of Traditional Russian Cuisine has undergone numerous modifications influenced not only by the Slavic culinary traditions but also by the trends of the time, the epoch. The Slavic dishes appertain to one history, while the recipes popular in the Soviet epoch represent a different history, and the modern interpretation of the classical cuisine is quite another thing. Still, the river fish always was, is and remains one of the symbols of our cuisine. The Fish Point restaurant opened in 2011 on the base of the Gold Sazan countryside fishing club specializes exactly in the traditional Russian dishes entrusted to our talented Chef Alexey Loktionov.

   The interior of the Restaurant is designed in a Scandinavian style with natural materials in beige and brown colors. The space is not overloaded with fittings and still, every detail from decorative elements to table-ware is thoroughly chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere. On the ground floor there is an aquarium and a fish counter so that the guests could see with their own eyes that the products are fresh and of high quality. A wine hall is located in the restaurant mansard where a sommelier will assist you in choosing the bin you like; there is also a playroom for children there. A two-level summer terrace and an arbor with a fabulous view of the water area and the pine forest are open during warm seasons.

The Restaurant is open daily from 12:00 to 24:00.

Grill Bar. Fish Point was opened in this April on Novorizhskoe Highway. The Bar has been designed by the creators of Fish Point Restaurant existing since 2011. Here every visitor is given a unique opportunity to feel at home and cook their own fish newly caught in the waters of the fishing club. Let's come to us!