Gastronomic adventures

Try yourself as a fisherman and catch fresh fish for your dinner in the neighboring ponds of Gold Sazan fishing club.

Best fish freshly-caught in the morning

You will find various kinds of fresh-water fish on the menu: the Karelian trout, sturgeon bred at our own plant in Moscow region, the Kursk crucian carps, and of course the Belgorod carp. The freshly-caught fish can be cooked in 6 different ways: smoking, grilling, pan frying, cooking in dough or in salt crust, baking in the oven.

Traditional russian cuisine

Besides the fresh-water fish, our restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Russian dishes: starting from pasties (“pirozhki”) and Borsch (sour beetroot soup) to pike patties and desserts.

Restaurants addresses

Restaurant on
Simferopolskoe Highway

Delivery: +7 (967) 219-89-14

+7 (495) 782-23-34
Simferopolskoe Hwy 41 km
(22 km from the Moscow Ring Road)

Restaurant on
Novorizhskoe Highway

Delivery: +7 (915) 220-36-66

+7 (495) 220-36-65
Novorizhskoe Hwy 29 km
(11 km from the Moscow Ring Road)